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What Is Discrimination Law

equality-in-workplaceDiscrimination law is a sub branch of the common law that aims to protect the rights of an employee, or employer for that matter, from being discriminated at their work place. This law seeks to ensure that no employee is treated differently or harassed or made fun of, while in their work place. In today’s cosmopolitan world, people of different backgrounds and orientations are increasingly finding themselves working under the same roof, and it is important that everyone is accorded the respect they deserve. Discrimination at the work place may be manifested in various forms;

  • Gender based; there have been instances of employees who got discriminated at their work place, simply because of their gender. This could mean not being promoted to a senior position because you are a woman, or being exempted from certain tasks purely because of your gender. This is wrong, and is punishable in a court of law.
  • Religion; this is another common area that has seen employees get discriminated in their work place. It could be because of the religious beliefs one holds, or their dressing due to their religion. For instance, if you’re fired from a job simply because the organization is a Muslim one and you’re Christian, you could sue them. Likewise, if you are a Muslim employee but the rest are making fun of you for wearing on a face veil, or for not eating pork, you could also sue them.
  • Sexual Orientation; whether you are straight, gay, lesbian, or transgender, you should never be discriminated at the work place because of that.
  • Race; employees of all races, white, black, Latino, Indians, all are protected by discrimination law. If you’re denied a promotion at the work place, or are fired because of your race, you can sue the employer.


There are qualified employment discrimination lawyers in London who can successfully argue your case in court, if you feel discriminated in any of the above ways.