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Why Recycling Is A Good Habit To Follow In 2016

The world recently signed a climate change agreement in Paris that calls for a reduction of the rate at which mankind is polluting the environment. Among some of the proposals adopted, rich countries will have to greatly reduce their carbon emissions, while manufacturing companies and individuals are being called upon to embrace recycling. Recycling is something you and I can both embrace in our day to day life. As we welcome the year 2016, it would be such a noble thing if all of us would embrace recycling as a habit.

How does recycling work?

RecyclingBasically, recycling works on the simple reasoning that, to produce a new product or items, much energy is consumed, and consequently much carbon emitted to the atmosphere. Thus instead of manufacturing a new product each time we need one, recycling gently looks us into our eyes, and asks us; why can’t you use till you exhaust, what you already used previously? You and I thus spare the environment more harmful emissions that would have gone into manufacturing a new plastic flower pot, while in reality, you could have made use of an old paint can to plant the same flowers!

Any other benefit of recycling, apart from reducing harmful emissions?

Yes, recycling will help you save much money come 2016, and hiring junk removal services. Money you’d have spent buying new items will be saved if you can reuse or purchase the same items that have been recycled. Old car tires can be decoratively painted, and used to decorate your garden or driveway. Old furniture can be dismantled, and the same wood used to construct the door to your garden, or a chicken house.


Embrace recycling come 2016; make it a habit and guiding principle in your day to day life. Let’s all strive to ensure that we jointly recycle recyclable products in order to help conserve and preserve the environment.

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